Friday, May 13, 2005

Camping Day --- We Hope!

Yesterday we took the Bounder to the shop to get the new headers installed.  They found a couple burnt spark plug wires which is a common problem with large engines.  They had to order special ignition cables, $138, and they did not come in until late.  They also had to order two smog tubes, and a dip stick tube.  They were corroded and beyond saving. 

The Bounder is still in the shop today.  They say the parts will be in by 11 this morning.  If all works out we will be camping tonight.  If not, we might go anyway.  We can throw a couple mats in our cargo van.  Add a couple sleeping bags and incidentals and have fun anyway.  The camp ground is close. It is about 35–40 miles from here.

I feel uncomfortable leaving the Bounder loaded with all of our stuff at a shop without me there.  It is like giving strangers the key to your house and letting them have free access for a day or two.  You hope they are honest. I guess those that full time must come up with solutions to this problem.  I was told in the forum to just stay with the RV and sleep in it if your stuff is there.  That might be an excellent option.

When they started work on the motorhome yesterday they asked me to shut off the propane refrigerator.  I did. Since it is loaded with food, I went back at closing time to turn it back on.  The pilot would not light.  The control panel indicator light never lit or blinked.  They plugged the refrigerator into electrical power.  I hope that worked as there is no idication when it is on.  Another problem to solve.  That is the first time we had refrigerator problems. 

The bees have been dieing by the hundreds each day. Although we caught this the day they arrived, they must have had a huge swarm.  I am amazed each day I go out and find more flying around the hive entrance.  Last night after they quieted down, I put a bug bomb down the entrance to the hive. It is a large opening under the eve of the garage.  I wonder if that will solve it.  I put the first bug bomb in the wrong opening just hoping that was where the were at inside the garage.


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