Saturday, May 07, 2005

Beautiful Sunny Camping Day

I just put 5 miles on the exercise machine and I am ready to shower and go camping. We will park along the ocean for a few hours and then get our campsite. Where we are going is across the street from the ocean. The campsites are about a one block walk to get on the sand.

Not only is the exercise starting to kick in and give me more stamina and staying power, it is adjusting my attitude about other things too. I am beginning to see that once I do one thing important, other things begin seeming more possible too. Ideas like building the online depth of our internet sites, developing my photography ideas and emptying this warehouse.

Full-timing almost seems like it could really be a reality as I think and plan. The warehouse full of junk is a daunting task, but I am seeing answers that alluded me before. The blog will tell in time what is happening and you will know as it happens.

On the bee front, yesterday afternoon I watched and watched and only saw 3 bees. I think we have decimated their hive to the point it will not be there in a day or two. There will probably be a few bees when we get back since I can not fight from the campground.

There will be another post to the blog later today. I will post from the campground and hopefully be able to upload a picture or two.

Here we are at the beach. Guess what? There are NO campsites available at either of the two campgounds near us. So, we will day camp here. We will have a BBQ this evening and leave sometime after sunset.

There are a lot of pelicans diving for fish just offshore. We have seen about a dozen dolphin swim by. Whether we get to camp or not, just a day here by the ocean is good enough.

We know that you need reservations on the week-ends. That is why we usually try to camp from Sunday night through Thursday night, but on a whim, we took off today hoping to get lucky. Well we are lucky to be here, we just do not have a camping spot.


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