Saturday, April 30, 2005

Garage Sale Day

Sharon saw an ad for a garage sale in the front of the local naval base. We seldom go to garage sales these days.  For this one I had visions of exotic oriental pictures and figurines from Germany.  Military families live all over the world.  Instead it was just a small sale two or three families and the routine garage sale stuff. 

We were out in garage sale mode so we returned to the city and checked out a few here.  We got a couple nice baby toys, zippered note books and an exercise machine.

Yesterday Sharon and I decided to make a commitment to becoming more physically fit and for me to lose a bunch of pounds.  For me to go back on the diet the doctor put me on 2 years ago.  A healthy diet of most food groups, but small portions.  In my mind I was thinking that we should get an exercise machine of some sort.  We now have one.  This one is a recumbent bike that you sit on and pedal or you can stand and it is similar to a stair stepper but more like you are walking instead of climbing stair.  It is a “Rebel Pro-Form Recumbent Bike and Elliptical Crosstrainer”.  Let me tell you, a short time on that thing and my legs are TIRED!  Check it out at Cross Trainer Oh, I almost forgot. It cost $50. 

It would be nice to have strengthened legs so when we are out in the motorhome with our bicycles, we can take longer bike trips and see more on trails we otherwise would not have gone on, or gone far on.

Poky does not even seem to notice the surgery he had. His hind legs are bandaged where the dew claws are, but he does not lick or chew at them.  When he walks there is not limp or hesitation.  I think animals are more tolerant of pain an let go of physical trauma a lot quicker than humans.  I think we think about our aches and pains to much to so they are worse. An animal just gets on with living and lets go of the hurt quicker.


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