Friday, April 08, 2005

Apr 8, '05 RALLY! RALLY! RALLY! Let's Go!!

Today is RALLY DAY! We will heading out around 9:00 a.m. The motorhome is loaded except for a very few last minute items on the check list. We are excited and ready to get going. This weekend is going to be great. I cannot recommend rallies high enough. If you can attend one in your area or even get one going, you will have a wonderful time. Even the one that got rained on was a tremendous success. Luckily for that one the campground had a recreation room at the group campsite we were at so we ate inside and got together inside.

This will be the first rally we go to with a washed motorhome. No pun intended, but washing a motorhome is a BIG job. I really think the powered scrubber was a lot of help and saved a lot of energy.

I still have not repaired my steps. I only have to spray some black paint on the exposed metal, attach the steps with the screws I bought and it is done. The whole job is not more than 1/2 hour except for waiting for paint to dry. I do not know why I keep putting it off. I am very good at procrastinating. I hate that.

Procrastinating? When we get back I need to load Turbotax and do my income taxes. I hate that even more. I sure am glad I have Turbotax. It sure makes it easier.

On a brighter note --- OOPS! not punny--- it is a bright sunny day out and the wind from yesterday is gone. This is going to be a fantastic weekend. We are loading the last items into the motorhome. Toiletries, laptop computer, cameras, dog blanket, dog etc. We will be out of here in about an hour.


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