Sunday, March 13, 2005

Mar 13, '05 Rally Is Over -- Still Camping

It was a great rally. Kelly's Beach was loaded with fun and terrific friends. If you have a chance to camp with a group, or go to local rally, do it. The friends you meet and the fun you have are worth it. This rally included a pot luck dinner with some cooking corned beef and cabbage for everyone. The Saint Patrick's day them extended even to the dog dress up contest. Things were going on from morning until night. Not a lot of planned activities, but socializing enjoying the company of our fellow campers.

I was going to post a picture or two, but I discovered I do not have an FTP or picture upload program on this computer. I will put one on later.

We left Kelly's beach and headed over to the California coast. We had planned on driving home the way we came, but the campground owner suggested going this way and I am glad we did. Right now we are camped where "FireDude" is a camp host. OH, you do not know him? You can meet him at and look in the FULL-TIMING section of the forum. He has lots of interesting camp host stories for you.

Today has been overcast from Kelly's Beach which is inland all the way here to the coast. We are camped with a beautiful view of the beach and Morrow Rock. If I was not fighting with this laptop and the programs on it. I would post pictures. I really need to get a decent computer system set up in this motorhome.

Hear the waves crashing on the beach? We are about a foot ball field length or 100 yard from the water's edge. This is a very long beach compared to those near home. The waves gone on forever in width.


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