Tuesday, February 01, 2005

Feb 1, '05 Whale Watching

Feb. 1 and we are back to work after a couple days of play. That sure was fun just to take off. We are going to have to do it more often.

Yesterday we were parked our Bounder at the beach south of Mugu Rock or about an hour north of Los Angeles. The sound of the waves crashing on the shore is wonderful. When you have rocks on the shore and stand near them you can hear the rocks tumbling as waves recede back toward the ocean. The rolling rocking hitting each other is a realling interesting and relaxing sound.

Mugu Rock and the beach where we were Beach Rocks

Bob & Poky listening to the tumbling rocks

Bob &  Poky

In the picture above you can see Anacapa Island in the background. Anacapa is about 11 miles offshore and is the area where local whale watching tours take you to see whales.

Almost every time we are at the beach we see a number of dolphins swim by close to shore. It is an exciting event for us. We are always asking each other, "Where are the fins"? When you take a whale watching boat out into our local waters, the boat is usually surrounded by dolphins at one or more points in the trip. They stay close by the boat and even ride in it's bow wake. OH, I feel another whale watching trip coming up.


On our outing to the beach in the motorhome yesterday we saw the normal dolphins swim by. We saw a few seals out in the water and we saw about 10 whales in a 4 hour period. That was very exciting. We spotted the whales and then followed them down the coast. Stopping to park and let them catch up with us along the way.

This is 4 pictures. Two pictures of whales breaching -- coming up out of the water. Two pictures are of them splashing back down. It is a little hard to get pictures of whales actions. The stay underwater for about 5 minutes and come back up. When the come back up, they blow a plume of air and mist. Then you see their back as they dive back under the water. If you are lucky, you see them come up half out of the water and splash back down as in the photos below.

Splash Down -----------------Breaching -----------Breaching ----------------Splash All pictures taken from the beach. See the surf in the right 2 pictures


I really do feel a boat whale watching trip coming on. OK, Sharon is on the phone right now making reservation to go whale watching on her birthday, February 4th.

HEY! Come join us on February 4th at 1:00 P.M. In the Ventura Harbor at Island Packers. $22 for us seniors 55 and older or $26 for adults. You can get complete details at their website at Click for Island Packers


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